Five Day Intensive Guitar Building Course

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Five Day Intensive Guitar Building Course

Over five full days, guitar builder Martin Harmer will take you through every step of making your very own electric guitar based on a choice of designs.

The intensive schedule will give

you the true experience of a guitar builder and provide a deep insight into the craft of instrument building.

From woodworking to installing hardware and winding your own pickups, you’ll learn all the skills required to build guitars from start to finish, all under expert guidance and working

from a full-scale technical drawing containing the required measurements. And, of course,

you’ll go home with your new, self-made guitar!

By the end of this comprehensive course you will:

⋅ Understand how an electric guitar is constructed

⋅ Have hands-on experience of every stage in the guitar building process

⋅ Have a foundation in all the skills needed to build a guitar

⋅ Know how to wind pickups and have your own set in your new guitar

⋅ Be familiar with power tools and know how to use them responsibly

⋅ Understand relevant health and safety issues

⋅ Have notes and instructional materials to take away and use

⋅ Have answers to all of your guitar building questions

⋅ Understand what you would need to do personally and practically to build


⋅ Have your very own high-quality six string electric guitar based on a pre-selected design

Please be aware of the following important information:

⋅ Lunches will be provided each day and are included in the price of the course

⋅ The lunch menu will be provided before the start of the course

⋅ Accommodation is not provided – please arrange your own accommodation in a local b&b or hotel if needed

⋅ There are a choice of different designs available, enabling you to choose details such as headstock and body shape

⋅ The details of all builds must be entirely agreed and confirmed before the start of the

course, as there will be no time for design alterations once the course begins. This includes choosing the design, hardware, style, scale length and the pickups that you will wind yourself as part of the course

⋅ There are multiple finish options to choose from including various colours of stain and clear coat lacquer

⋅ Those wishing to build their own custom design must first attend our Guitar Design and Template Day Course

⋅ Additional days can be booked if required

Course duration: 5 consecutive working days (9am - 5pm)