Guitar Neck Reapir

So I got this repair into the workshop and thought it would benefit a blog and potentially help others. It had a unfortunate fall resulting in quite a large chunk of the neck being chipped out and splitting through to the fretboard. This does take some care as it now a weak point, if this happens to you should take the string tension off the guitar.

Checking the extent of the damage is the first thing to do then planning the processes, making a plan of everything before you start help for a successful repair this is important.

As you can see its not a complete break so getting glue in the crack can be tricky and messy, I use a syringe with some thinned out titebond, if you dont thin it out you'll never get it in the syringe. Gently pry the crack open and squeeze glue in trying stay away from the truss rod, you dont want to be gluing that in place. Then clamp and leave to dry,

once dry unclamp and mix up some filler. Use a quality wood filler, something that will sand smooth and easy to put your finish over. Its easier to hide when spraying using a solid colour, if you're doing this on a stained guitar use fillers that match the colour of your wood. Again leave to dry for 24hr until hard then sand the filler back level with your neck. I personally then use a few coats of sanding sealer. Once dry mask off the area and spray a few coats of desired colour, leaving 10-15 mins between coats. Then repeat with a clear coat.

Starting with 800 grit paper flattern your clear coat then go up the grade to 2500-3000. then with a cutting compound start the polishing process, then move on to finishing compound follow the instruction on the chosen compounds.